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Quintessence Premium

Quintessence Fx Premium inshight & Courses

40€ / Monthly

What will i have ?

> Daily Quintessence Fx Market Update
> weekly Quintessence Fx Special reports
> How to trade like a portfolio manager courses
> trades of the week ( trades ideas )
> News & Market comment

Quintessence Xenith

Institutional grade fundamental and technical analysis platform

XENITH Real-Time Market Data and News gathers the essential news, data, analytics, commentary and insights you need in one place, Xenith is provided by Thomson Reuters, a world leader in financial data and news.

Provide long-term capital appreciation by delivering superior returns utilising Quintessence FX’s intraday, short term and swing trading models

*Performance are not calculated correctly and it will updated verry soon from the 01/04/2018

Quintessence Portfolio

Institutional grade FX chatroom

More Details about

Quintessence Fx Portfolio Management

Updated 01-03-2018


The Challenge of Quintessence Fx is to provide long-term capital appreciation by delivering superior returns utilising Quintessence FX’s intraday, short term and swing trading models. We aim to provide true diversification to an investors portfolio by generating returns that have a low correlation to other asset classes.
Specifically, Quintessence FX aims to generate a return of between 3 and 8% of capital traded.


Quintessence FX does not collect funds from investors. Investors open a trading account in their own name at industry leading brokerage firm . Quintessence FX is appointed by the investor as fund manager through a Limited Power of Attorney. Investors have full control and access to their capital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funds can be withdrawn at any time without a redemption fee.

Minimum Deposit


Performance Fee %

20% Monthly

Management Fee %


Maximum Drawdown


Your Personel Portfolio Manager


Amine Dechemi is the General Manager & the principal Portfolio Manager of Quintessence FX,

Amine brings to the table 10+ years experience in entrepreneurship and business modelling, with a passion for financial markets and making quality resources available to level the playing field for all traders.

In 2012, Amine focused his attention on developing a new proprietary trading approach aimed at optimising portfolio exposure, risk management and market timing using macro and technical inputs.

Quintessence Fx Portfolio Management

Getting Started

  1. Open an Forex trading account : with Equiti broker authorised and regulated by the Financial Control Authority (FCA) with Divisa UK, Divisa US, Divisa NZ and Divisa Armenia as its subsidiaries. and regulated by the  the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC), EGM Futures DMCC, regulated and licensed by Emirates Security and Commodities Authority and Divisa Capital,

  2. Givie us the permission to trade on your behalf by completing the LPOA (limited power of attorney)  who will autorise the attachement of your account to Quintessence Fx managed portfolio programme 1
    an acount manager will contact you and guide you trought the process of completing the LPOA , funding your account and linking it to Quintessence Fx portfolio

  • Fund your account  with minimum deposit of 5000 $ or equivalent

  • Monitor your investment by Loging on to your Equiti account and see the progression in live time

  • Become our partner By introducing our company’s services to your friends you will receive beneficial partnership commission (1% on profit).

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