About QFX

Amine Dechemi is the founding principal of Quintessence FX, the FX trading subsidiary of Quintessence Markets.

Amine brings to the table 10+ years experience in entrepreneurship and business modelling, with a passion for financial markets and making quality resources available to level the playing field for all traders.


In 2012, Amine focused his attention on developing a new proprietary trading approach aimed at optimising portfolio exposure, risk management and market timing using macro and technical inputs. Quintessence FX Signals is the culmination of this work – a tried and tested FX trading framework aimed at delivering superior risk adjusted returns.

In January 2017, Quintessence FX announced a new and complimentary service to run alongside the signals service. Aptly named ‘Quintessence Insider’, the offering is designed to provide clients with a platform that delivers institutional grade market research, breaking news and trading ideas – at a price point that is accessible for retail traders.


Quintessence believes that ‘Insider’ is a game changer for the retail and semi-pro FX trading market, enabling clients access to similar resources and information available to the institutional trader, with a transparent and consistent means to capture consistent profits on a regular basis.

The Quintessence Team


Quintessence is more than just a team of employees – it is a dynamic network of institutional, high performing current and ex-institutional market participants. The network is managed and lead by the Head of Markets, ‘888’. 888 has had extensive experience in the institution FX market space over the last 20+ years, having run the spot FX trading desk for a major international bank, managed the institutional FX sales and trading desk for a tier 1 global brokerage, and more recently as the senior portfolio manager for a US hedge fund. With this skill set, 888 has embarked on a mission to provide insight into the ‘inside’ workings of the institutional market and developing market resources to empower emerging retail trading talent worldwide.

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