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I want to invest in Quintessence FX Portfolio

Amine DECHEMI and 888 will be your Portfolio Managers with the mandate to deliver you the best risk-adjusted performance

Quintessence FX Portfolio Management

Trading Mandate

Portfolio Manager :

Amine Dechemi and 888

Asset Classes Traded :

G10 and G10 Crosses, Liquid Emerging Market pairs

Equity Indices:

Metals and Commodities:
Gold, Silver, Oil.


Management Fee: 0%

Performance Fee: 20% of new profits above highwater mark

Frequency: Fees are calculated on a monthly basis

Objectives / Target Returns:

The objective is to provide long-term capital appreciation by delivering superior returns utilising Quintessence FX’s intraday, short term and swing trading models. We aim to provide true diversification to an investors portfolio by generating returns that have a low correlation to other asset classes.

Specifically, Quintessence FX aims to generate a return of between 3 and 8% of capital traded.

Risk Management:

The strategy employs a maximum drawdown of 20% of capital, with the maximum monthly drawdown of 6%. In the unforeseen circumstance of a drawdown limit being hit, the strategy will stop trading, and a meeting will be arranged with the investor.

Your funds are secure:

Quintessence FX does not collect funds from investors. Investors open a trading account in their own name at industry leading brokerage firm DARWINEX . Quintessence FX is appointed by the investor as fund manager through a Limited Power of Attorney. Investors have full control and access to their capital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Funds can be withdrawn at any time without a redemption fee.

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